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Responsible Breeders of handfed Baby congo African Greys, Timneh african Grey, Baby Yellow Nape Amazon, Double Yellow Head Amazon, Blue Front Amazon, Orange Wing Amazon, Green Cheek Amazons, Baby Blue Gold Macaw, Military Macaw, Baby Hyacinth Macaw, Baby Umbrella Cockatoos, Blue Quakers

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We are responsible aviculturists we do not produce HYBRIDS


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 Baby Blue Gold Macaws 2015   sold out

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BEWARE OF THE INTERNET SCAMMERS USING OUR PICTURES TO SELL YOU A BIRD.  Always question  advertising pictures stating they are from us, We are the ONLY Royal Bird Company and no one has our permission to use our pictures or sell birds for us.  Make sure you know who you are sending money to or you may lose your money to one of those scammers.  We have been here same place for 30 years.  Remember This....You Do Get What You Pay For.. and some cases you get nothing. No Free Lunch.


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Quality Hand-fed Baby Parrots


Royal Bird Company is owned and operated by Mike & Sheila Richard both published authors in Aviculture. They bring their 40+ years together to the truly professional care and responsible reproduction of handfed exotic birds, handfed baby parrots baby Umbrella cockatoos, Hyacinth Macaws, hand fed baby Blue gold macaws, Green Winged Macaws, Scarlet Macaws, Blue fronted amazons, handfed baby yellow naped amazonsdouble yellow head amazons (oratrix & magna), Blue Head Pionus parrots, Green Cheeked Amazons, baby African Grey Parrot, Hahns Macaws, Red Factor African Greys, etc.

Royal Bird Company is one of the most successful parrot breeding facilities on the east coast USA. We operate a 17 acre compound designed for responsible  reproduction of many common and rare species and several mutation projects. We continue on our path of research into improving health, nutrition and overall good parrot husbandry on the long term. We have been around for a long time. For more than 30 years we have been in the same location with the same landline phone number for over 30 years, That should say something.

 Our mission is to produce and offer to the public the highest quality problem free companion birds in the USA. We only sell what we produce, We do not purchase birds for resell. We have seen and experienced so many problems with the purchase and resell of birds from other breeders in the past. In the early years we could not produce enough birds for the trade, so we, like so many others do today turned to purchase and resell. We soon found out that here lies the most serious problems. These breeders may or may not have the same standard care practices as we do, even inspection of their facilities does not really tell anything more than what is happening on that day. Also most serious  breeders including us will not allow strangers in and around their stock, as this could upset the breeder birds, introduce disease and not to mention the possible theft of birds. Many breeders offer their problem babies to the resellers, pet shops and pet owners and these birds are available mostly at the so called bird marts, bird shows, open markets and pet shops. They assume they will never see you again anyway. So we decided early on NOT to purchase baby birds from any other source, We only sell the birds that we produce. This way we do not purchase other bird breeders problems!! Our parrot babies are only sold weaned and all have a full health guarantee.  All of our birds are closed banded with our RBC coded stainless steel bands. 

We do not believe in cutting corners or just getting by, And we expect the same from our customers. Our birds are fed the absolute finest formulated avian diet on the market today HAGEN Tropican Granules as well our daily regime of sprouts,cooked beans,peas,rice, fruits,veggie,other in season items. Our superior handfed parrot babies can give you and your family a lifetime of companionship. When you want the absolute highest quality hand fed companion bird,  you can always count on  Royal Bird Company.

Royal Bird Company is dedicated to the preservation of all the earths wildlife. We are financial contributors to many conservation efforts around the world such as  the Rio Bravo Conservation Project in Belize, Central America, where we hold land in trust forever, the land can never be sold, it is only for the sanctuary of the native wildlife. We are also members of the American Association of Zoo Keepers, AFA and many other avian and wildlife conservation organizations. Your purchase helps us continue with our conservation efforts.

"Dedicated To The Serious Responsible Pet Owner"

Take Time to Learn

If you are looking for that special handfed bird or parrot we are always happy to help you. We try to educate or in some cases re-educate parrot owners how to maintain and keep your birds and parrots healthy and happy.  When purchasing a new bird or parrot even if you already own birds, its a good idea to get all the right answers before purchasing a new species. Every species of parrot is different and in some cases even within a species there is also difference in each birds personality. 

We have seen many people make the mistake of purchasing a species based on color, another persons experiences, or something they saw on TV or read in a book, seen it on the internet, etc. Just remember that very few "PET" birds, if any, ever live up to those well trained birds you hear about, see on TV or the ones you read about. Purchase a bird because its what you want and remember, its for a lifetime. It disturbs us when we hear of people that purchased a bird and then find out they decided to sell it and purchase another one because the first one  just was not what they thought it would be. This creates the cycle. Birds are not throw away pets. Birds are highly intelligent creatures, some even have human like actions and emotions. Many birds and parrots can get very attached to their owners. Do not just pass them around, make sure you know what you are doing. 

One important bit of info that one should consider is the cost of (properly) maintaining one of these creatures. You must consider the cost of bird cages, bird toys, bird foods, treats, avian veterinarian costs, etc.  Many cost are recurring monthly such as foods, toys, treats. We would estimate to properly maintain a medium size amazon parrot to other large birds such as a macaw or cockatoo you could expect to spend $30-$40-$50 sometimes more each and every month. Bird cages are one of the largest investments, some stainless steel bird cages can range from $800 and upwards to $2500 and more. We always recommend stainless steel bird cages for all our babies.

 So the purchase of your birds should not be taken lightly. If you are not able or willing to spend a little money to properly maintain these birds, please do not call us. When you are serious and ready for that special feathered friend and you are serious, we are happy to help you through it.  

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ADULT Bonded Pair Blue Gold Macaws. $1000  pair     male talks and sings, Sold as breeding stock only


ADULT BLUE FRONT AMAZON MALE- SOLD 10-12 years old Full flighted in large breeder aviary. Acclimated in Piedmont NC area for outdoor breeder aviary. $300

Breeder Blue Front Amazon Male

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 Why Call It Congo, Its Just an African Grey           by Mike Richard This article has been published in more than 100 avian and animal research publications worldwide. This article was published and accepted by the Zaire Animal Research Foundation, Africa 2003. This article explains the ever growing confusing names put on this species. It combines over 20 years of research and common sense.

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Stainless Steel Bird Cages

Yellow Naped Amazons

African Grey Parrot

:: RBC Stainless Steel Bird Cages :: Parrot Tower Bird Gyms ::  Pro Breeding Metal Nest Boxes

The Absolute Ultimate in Stainless steel Bird Cages. Featherland Stainless Steel Bird Cages are The real bird lovers dream bird cage.  No Rust, No Chipping Paint, Easier to clean. These are the REAL stainless bird cages, NOT that cheap plated chromed cages you see all over the internet claiming to be stainless steel bird cages. You get what you pay for, that has never changed, never will. The only bird cages that actually have a worldwide protected  patent. Wonder why? FEATHERLAND BIRD CAGES

Featherland Stainless Steel Bird Cages.

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Does Your Bird Deserve The Best?


parrot tower bird gyms, play gym for birds


The Parrot Tower Bird Play Gyms are for all birds and parrots. Each Parrot Tower comes with the java wood perches. The java wood is a exotic hardwood that is safe for all birds. Each Parrot Tower Gym is available in 2 models, raised tray and full length as shown. The perches on the Parrot Tower are adjustable to your preference. We also offer FREE shipping on all Parrot Towers.

Parrot Towers are available for all birds, macaws, cockatoos, amazon parrots, african greys, eclectus, senegal, myers, cockatiels, quaker, conures and more

To find out more CLICK HERE NOW  for more info on these Bird Play Gyms

Now there is a very updated approach to metal nest boxes for parrots. We here at Royal Bird Company have developed one of the more advanced safe metal breeding nest boxes. RBC boxes are made from a sheet metal alloy called galvalum, these boxes are light weight but still durable 24 gauge USA Prime metals, easier to clean, lasts longer, will not decay like the old chewed up wooden box that mostly will need to be changed right after the birds go to nest, therefore disturbing your birds and then interrupting the breeding cycles. With the RBC Pro metal nest box you can rest assured your birds can get down to business without having to worry about birds chewing them up. Special T box W/baffles for cockatoos, Macaw nest Box, Amazon nest Box, Boot Box, L Box, etc.

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