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Double Yellow Head Amazon

 baby double yellow head


Double Yellow Headed Amazon      genus  Amazon ochrocephala  oratrix  &  (magna)
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 There are 2 available distinct known variables in this species. One is the most common the A ochrocephala oratrix, {Pictured above }this species is what you find most times when offered double yellow heads, with little or no yellow and red in bend of the wings and when young just the forehead and crown is yellow, with the entire head being covered in yellow in few years. This  Double Yellow Head is from Mexico mostly central to northern areas. The other geo different species is the Magna subspecies, being uncommon and the most colorful with the head being covered at a earlier age, many get full yellow much sooner than the oratrix. Our magna babies will even have yellow around their eyes and yellow going down into their chest area when only few months old, which is totally distinctive of the magna species. The wings have the yellow and red in the bends, even when very young you can see this. Many breeders actually think they have the rare  tres Marie subspecies of the double yellow head from the tres marie island in the pacific, which I think is just wishful thinking. Many times we have seen Tres Marie species advertised and when I saw them, they were magnas or colorful oratrix, again just wishful thinking.    

I have only seen and owned one pair of real tres marie Yellow Head Amazon, although I have responded to many adverts that claimed to have them, in which when I saw them was Magnas. 

The pair of Tres Marie we owned were brought from the island in the 70's and i purchased them and like a fool I sold them soon after. The magna sub species is from the eastern area of mexico ranging even into the slopes on the eastern coast of Mexico. Sometimes this species is referred to as Eastern Double Yellow Head Amazon by well known Breeder, lecturer, Writer, avian expert Tony Silva and other experts.

This species is well known for talking ability. The Double Yellow Head Amazon is one of the more colorful species of amazons. When young there is much less yellow on the head and as the bird matures the yellow completely covers the crown and down into the face as well. As with all amazons the Yellow heads do have their own little quirks and attitudes. I think that most attitudes as well as mature personality is formed while still young. Our babies are handled and given every opportunity to become a very well socialized  bird. Many babies have many different colorations when young, we have had babies with yellow faces and some with just the crown being yellow when babies. When all Yellow heads start to mature the head as well the cheeks start to get yellow until all the crown, head, cheeks and around the eyes have yellow covering, The name Double Yellow Head comes from this coloring. 

I personally love this bird due to the coloring and demeanor. I just love amazons in general.

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