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Finest In Handfed Babies

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Incubator  Hatched & Handfed From Day One

This creates the ultimate in avian companions....

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RBC Avicultural Breeding Research Center

Worlds Largest Yellow Naped Amazon Program

  • Double Yellow Head Amazon Parrots-SOLD
  • Yellow Naped Amazons-SOLD OUT
  • African Grey babies  SOLD OUT MORE SOON
  • Blue Fronted Amazon Babies-SOLD OUT
  • Umbrella Cockatoo Babies SOLD OUT-
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Royal Bird Company Research Articles-Video- Information Center

Royal Bird Company is one of the longest running selective parrot breeding programs in the USA. We have conducted 35 years+ of research on parrot breeding,advanced handfeeding parrots, incubation of parrots,bird nutrition,conservation of wild parrot habitats and dedicated most of our young and adult life to this work. We have kept and successfully bred many rare and endangered species and common species as well. We often publish our work and share our data with other pet owners, breeders and conservation groups in central america. We freely share our hard earned knowledge through written articles and research publishing in hopes that if only one or a few birds will benefit, then its a job well done.

Also watch us on YOU TUBE  Royal Bird Company You Tube baby parrots






Dry Seed & Sprouts

Our Opinion on Dry Seed Diets

Feeding dry seed parrot mixes or too much formulated and or pellets is not good nutrition for any birds,feeding sprouts is a good way to put bird nutrition in high gear.


Feed Day One Hatch

Feed Hours old Yellow Naped Amazon

Feeding a 4 hour yellow naped Amazon.


Handfeed BabyParrot

Handfeed Amazons/African Greys

Procedure for Handfeeding.


Newly Cockatoo Hatch

Umbrella Cockatoo 4 Hours Old

Incubator hatched baby Umbrella Cockatoo.















New HatchYellowNape

Yellow Naped Amazon Hours Old

incubator hatched baby yellow naped amazon


Postweaned handfeed

Handfeeding postweaned parrot

Supplement weaned baby birds













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