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 Bird and Egg Scams on internet

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Bird Scams & Egg Scams on the Internet



we get sooo many messages,
calls, all asking us things like, will we sell them eggs, will we sale and mail them eggs and do we have someone else that sells our birds or represents us. Many say that they saw an ad with our pictures and the wording was the same as our website and the birds advertised were very very cheap. The website also said that they would sell a fertile egg and they could MAIL it to them. But they was only a phone number and the wording said to text them.

Well, first thing, we do not sell eggs, and no one else does either, well, let me rephrase that, they do not sell GOOD eggs or fertile eggs that could hatch, and why would they? Think about that for minute. Many birds only lay a few possible good fertile eggs yearly, and even then, you are lucky to get the few, WHY would anyone anyone sell you an egg that could even possibly hatch for just a few dollars when the egg IF could would hatch, a bird would be worth thousands of dollars in some cases. Not to say some scammer will not send you an "egg", but is it something like a macaw egg or cockatoo egg and then you have only paid 100 or 200 dollars. Sounds a bit stupid or dumb on the sellers part, right? well NO, its stupid on your part to believe this total bull Sh-t.

And what would you do with this EGG, even if you had it?
People say they are going to incubate it, Well, i really get a big laugh here, as these are not chickens and it takes a little bit more sophistication of the incubator and at least some knowledge on the persons part to actually incubate properly and actually hatch.  Folks we are not talking about chickens here.  There are poulty hatcheries that can ship hatching chicken eggs through the mail, and when poultry eggs are already hatching, very little will stop them from hatching, so putting them in a insulated carton specially made for this and sending them by mail is ok, and many will hatch. But ship any egg soon as when laid and see what you get on the other end, maybe an omelette but guaranteed a scrambled egg, just remember chickens are domesticated fowl and evolution has allowed them to be very prolific in egg laying and hatching, thats why they are just a few dollars, if parrot eggs could be so easy, and they laid many eggs and they all was good, then they also would be only few dollars like chickens. Try sending a macaw egg through the mail or any ups,fedex or anything like that and see what comes out on the other side.

Again, when you see these ads for eggs for sale, folks, its low life scammers looking for you, you are their easy dumbass prey. And we see many websites that have stolen our info, pictures and other things to dress their scammer sites up to look legit, but one only has to have a little common sense and a eye for detail to see that they are scammers, the english is wrong, the birds are priced wrong, we see some sites selling african greys for 500 and selling hyacinth macaws for 800, and eggs for $50, do you see anything wrong with this? its a scam...and yet people send money like its going out of style to these scammers. It seems that cheap prices just drives people crazy and they actually believe they are going to actually receive a egg or bird for a super low price, There is no free lunch guys, you get what you pay for but in this instance.

YOU GET NOTHING but heart ache from the loss of your money.

One of the M-O's of these bird scammers is they offer birds cheap and then hook you and then ask for other fees like insurance and shipping prices, crate fees and so on and so on, Well, let me explain the REAL process of shipping a bird. We sale a bird, we do not charge for a shipping crate, We do not charge for documents, where the scammers tell you there is a fee, we do not charge for insurance, and what insurance i ask, they say, to insure the bird, well that is BS, that is included in the original shipping fee by the airline, no extra money needed, when we do declare the value for insurance purposes they fee is normally afew more dollars based on the extra values. One recently scammed person told me they had sent or wired $1,000 for a double yellow head amazon to someone??? and then the scammer ask for another 400 shipping fee, and behold, she sent the 400, and then the scammer ask her to send money for the insurance at a fee of $300, and yes, she sent it, and then they ask for money $250 for incubator to keep the bird warm when they shipped, well, i have never actually seen any electrical outlets in the shipping cargo compartments on a plane, but OK, and then she, yes, SHE SENDS THAT FEE as well, and then he ask her to send more money, she then and only then she felt like she had been scammed, I said for the $1950+ she sent the scammer, she could actually have gotten a REAL bird from us, she said we was too high, i said too high compared to what? THE SCAMMER prices??? and you got nothing, she said well, it sounded like a deal, I said did you not get a feeling when you talked to this guy???? wait for it.....wait for it.....Hold on,,,,She never TALKED TO HIM, all was done by text and email. I said you got to be kidding me, really??? she was a customer of ours, she knows us and has bought from us in the past, and now she says she has no more money to get a bird, well, i guess if one has that mentality maybe she does not need any more birds, sorry, but that is a fact.

Come on folks, think about this, you see an ad somewhere on the internet or somewhere. the ad says they have a new or almost new corvette and they are selling it for 5,000, But everyone else is selling them at 40,000-50,000 or higher, and you actually believe that this person is going to actually send you a corvette for such a cheap price when the market is much much higher. Come on, get real.

What is wrong with people these days?? but it happens to lots of people, even highly educated people, actually they seem to be the biggest suckers. Many of these scammers are based out of nigeria africa and have affiliates and ads and websites in the USA, and when you wire the money, it goes to Nigeria. It is estimated that over 1 billion, yes ONE BILLION DOLLARS goes to africa to scammers of all types, dating sites are many times based out of africa and they send you pictures of young pretty girls and they ask for money so they can come to the USA to meet you, well, ITS A SCAM people, please use your heads, Know what and who you are dealing with. or YOU WILL LOSE YOUR MONEY AND SANITY.

A Fool and Their Money Will Soon Part

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