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Yellow naped amazons and #bluefrontedamazon #parrots for sale(RESERVED).

Royal Bird Company Avicultural Breeding Research Center is owned and operated by Mike & Sheila Richard both published authors in Aviculture. They bring their 50+ years together to the truly professional care and responsible reproduction of handfed exotic birds, handfed baby parrots baby Umbrella cockatoo, Hyacinth Macaws, hand fed baby Blue gold macaws, Green Winged Macaws,  Blue fronted amazon parrot for sale, handfed baby yellow naped amazon parrots for sale and subspecies, handfed double yellow head amazon parrots (oratrix & magna)Green Cheeked Amazons, baby Timneh and Handfed baby African Grey Parrots, true Red Factor African Greys, etc.

Royal Bird Company is one of the largest and most successful selective parrot research breeding facilities on the east coast USA. We own a 19 acre professionally operated closed compound designed for responsible reproduction of many common and rare species of parrot and several RARE mutation research projects. We are not a retail pet store. We are NOT open to the public. We only show birds when we have birds for sale (By Appointment ONLY).

We conduct the world largest breeding research programs on Yellow Naped Amazon parrots, their subspecies and geo variations and share our data assets with several central american conservation programs. We continue on our path of research into improving health, nutrition and overall good parrot husbandry for the long term. We have been around for a long time. For more than 35+ years we have been in the same location with the same landline phone number, That should say something.

Our mission is to produce and offer to the public the highest quality problem free companion handfed baby parrots and breeder stock in the USA. We only sell what we produce, We do not purchase baby parrots for resell. We have seen and experienced so many problems with the purchase and resell of birds from other bird breeders in the past. In the early years we could not produce enough hand fed birds for the pet parrot trade. So we, like so many other bird breeders do today turned to purchase and resell. We soon found out that here lies the most serious problems when dealing with baby parrots. These bird breeders may or may not have the same standard care practices as we do, even inspection of their facilities does not really tell anything more than what is happening on that day. Also most serious  parrot breeders including us will not allow strangers in and around their stock, as this could upset the breeder birds, introduce disease and not to mention the possible theft of birds. Many bird breeders offer their problem parrot babies to the resellers, pet shops and pet owners and these birds are available mostly at the so called bird marts, bird shows, open markets and pet shops. They assume they will never see you again anyway. So we decided early on NOT to purchase hand  feeding baby parrots from any other source, We only sell the baby parrots that we produce and breed. This way we do not purchase other bird breeders problems!! Our parrots are only sold weaned and all birds have a full health guarantee.  All of our handfed birds are closed banded with our RBC coded stainless steel bands. 


Take Time to Learn About Parrots

If you are looking for that special hand fed bird or parrot we are always happy to help you.   We try to educate or in some cases re-educate parrot owners how to maintain and keep your birds and parrots healthy and happy.  When purchasing a new bird or parrot even if you already own birds, its a good idea to get all the right answers before purchasing a new species. Every species of parrot is different and in some cases even within a species there is also difference in each birds personality. 

We have seen many people make the mistake of purchasing a parrot species based on color, or another persons experiences, or based on something they saw on TV or read in a book, seen it on the internet, etc. Just remember that very few "PET" birds, if any, ever live up to those well trained birds you hear about, see on TV or the ones you read about. Purchase a bird because its what you want and remember, its for a lifetime. It disturbs us when we hear of people that purchased a bird and then find out they decided to sell it and purchase another one because the first one  just was not what they thought it would be. This creates the cycle. Birds are not throw away pets. Birds are highly intelligent creatures, some even have human like actions and emotions. Many birds and parrots can get very attached to their owners. Do not just pass them around, make sure you know what you are doing. make it a forever home.

One important bit of info that one should consider is the cost of (properly) maintaining one of these creatures. You must consider the cost of bird cages, bird toys, bird foods, treats, avian veterinarian costs, etc.  Many cost are recurring monthly such as bird foods, bird toys, bird treats. We would estimate to properly maintain a medium size amazon parrot to other large birds such as a macaw or cockatoo you could expect to spend $30-$40-$50 sometimes more  each and every month. Bird cages are one of the largest investments, some stainless steel bird cages can range from $1500 and upwards to $3500 and more. We always recommend stainless steel bird cages for all our babies.

The purchase of your pet bird should not be taken lightly. If you are not able or willing to spend a little money to properly maintain your parrots and birds, please do not call us. Also we have many people who ask us what species of bird does not require too much time?, a bird that they do not have to get out of a cage and deal with often?, or some tell us that they do not want a bird that is too clingy...OH BOY, please do not call us if you are not willing to spend time and give the bird some love each and every day..Its more than just a pet in a cage, these guys have been raised to be family members and yes, you will have to deal with them every day, a couple times day. This is what we do, the parrots are raised in manner that makes them want attention from you. If this is not what you want, walmart sells stuffed toy animals you may be interested in that. You should be willing to give the needed foods,  the needed love and attention,                                    

If you are unable or unwilling to treat them correctly and give them what they need and deserve.  Please do not try to purchase our special RBC birds.

When you are serious and ready for that special feathered friend, and we have something available, we are happy to help you through it.  

The FAQ page is a must read   FAQ PAGE


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