Handfed Baby Birds Available 

Handfed Baby Parrots...

Handfed Baby Parrots

Royal Bird Company Avicultural Breeding Research Center

          ****** NO HYBRIDS BRED HERE ******                   

We are Professsional and Responsible True Aviculturists

We do not irresponsibly breed mixed species and pass that off
as something special or pretend  it is some type of accomplishment.
Crossing Species and Breeding Hybrid Parrots is a Disgrace!

HELP AVICULTURE do not Purchase Hybrids


Incubator  Hatched & Handfed From Day One

This creates the ultimate in avian companions....

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Avicultural Breeding Research Center  



  • Yellow Naped amazons Available SOLD
  • Blue Fronted Amazons available more soon
  • Stewart the Umbrella Cockatoo available





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Handfed Baby Parrots

We responsibly produce pure parrot species for the serious pet owner and future breeder generations. We do not cross species or breed hybrids.The fastest way to species extinction is to hybridize species.

Our specialty is Yellow Naped Amazon parrots, we have the world largest program on research and breeding the yellow naped amazon. We also produce several other companion species Baby Blue gold macaws, baby african greys, baby cockatoos, yellow naped amazon, double yellow head amazons, are all produced and hand raised in a loving caring professional environment.

You can click the CLICK HERE  link below for information on that species and see what availability of handfed baby birds.We can ship our babies almost anywhere in the cont. US 48 states to most all airports.

Our FAQ page is a must read before we will talk to you about any available birds.

FAQ PAGE is a must Read click here

If you are interested in obtaining any of our handfed baby birds that IS AVAILABLE, just contact us. Birds that may be available today may not be available by tomorrow  

SERIOUS INQUIRIES PLEASE,, We love our birds but we are very very busy and we are not a pet shop, as we operate a fully productive breeding operation, and a research facility and endangered species programs as well, selectively producing over 100 babies yearly and it requires lots of work hours. We just do not have the time to discuss birds that we may not have available now or to talk about a bird that you may be considering in the distant future and we just do not have time to discuss a bird that you have purchased somewhere else, for that you would need to talk to a vet if its a medical question and a bird trainer if its a behavior problem..

We will be glad to discuss with you any bird that we have AVAILABLE NOW and you are ready for a new family member.


           BREEDING SEASON 2023

Click Below to read about the species and see if any babies available

Yellow Naped Amazon
starting @ $3699


Double Yellow Head
starting @ $3699


Blue Fronted Amazon


Mealy Amazon
handfed baby mealy amazon


Green Cheek Amazon


Timneh African Grey Parrot


African Grey Parrot


Umbrella Cockatoo


Moluccan Cockatoo


Hyacinth Macaw


Green Winged Macaw


Blue & Gold Macaw


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