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         Blue & Gold Macaw

                  genus  Ara ararauna




Description: Blue Gold Macaw

The Blue Gold macaw is one of the most popular of all macaws, due to the mild temperment and high intelligence. The Blue Gold macaw is a great bird.

However most people could not keep such a large parrot such as a blue gold macaw. The lucky ones that make the commitment for a hand fed baby blue gold macaw they are in for a treat. The upper side of the tail, wings, backside and neck are rich, deep blue. Under parts are bright golden yellow. The underside of the tail of the blue gold macaw is blue tinged with yellow. The crown is greenish tinged with blue. A black bib collar frames the lower part of the face. Sizes can be anywhere from 30 inches to smaller in length. 

Most hand fed baby Blue And Gold macaws have a great disposition which makes them very good choice for a large macaw. Most Blue and Gold macaws learn very fast. The blue gold macaw talking talents are questionable, however our opinion is, many do learn to talk quite well but we would never sell anyone any macaw for a top talking species. You must accept them for what they are. The hand fed baby blue gold would the choice for a start. No doubt they have talents far beyond talking ability, you may see many trick bird shows with the star bird being the Blue and Gold macaw. Large birds such as the large macaws are active, and when they get rowdy they can get rough while just playing with you. Be prepared to get a nip or bite from time to time, Just due the blue gold macaw size as with a large dog, they may not mean it, but they can be rough. As far as the gender having differences in what they do or how they become pets or companions, we see very little or no significant difference in male or female.We have customers that have male macaws and have customers that have female macaws, each person may think that their bird is best. But is this not what human parents say? My child is the best, my girl is the best, my boy is the best. Its in the eye of the beholder. Birds in general have many things that may not be accepted by potential owners. If someone says to us, We want a bird that is sweet, not a biter, and is perfect for our home. We most always tell them, maybe you can find that at walmarts in the toy section. Live animals and birds are unpredictable, period. This is especially true when dealing with exotic birds. You must understand parrots are not domesticated, they are bred domestically, big difference. Chickens and dogs and cats are domesticated. Parrots being a wild animal or bird basically only a generation or two from the jungle is captive bred and raised by humans to create a tolerate animal, not a domesticated animal. So, they have tendacies that have not been bred out, and maynot ever in our life times be domesticated like other pets such as dogs.  But, with patience and time baby or even adult parrots can be a great addition to the household and make good companions to their owners. A new owner may not understand that it takes time to get your new a quired bird to trust you, as trust is built no bought. Macaws, especially large macaws must be understood by their owners and the owner must basically accept the bird as it is, They have personality and have their own way about them. As stated before just due their size they can inflict a bite or nip and they just do not undestand that they are huirting you, they play rough with their own kind and will play rough with you. If you cannot accept this, the toy parrot may be for you.

The Blue Gold macaws are one of the most desirable of all macaws due to many positives.

 But one must understand  that owning these birds or any bird is not easy or cheap. One must consider the cage requirements. Some large suitable cages that could house such large strong birds can cost upward of $800-900-1000 or more. Stainless steel bird cages are even more costly, stainless steel cages for these large strong birds will run upwards of 1800-$3500 and even more. We see these cheap made cages advertised all over the internet and sold in stores, please, if you cannot put your bird into a good and large cage , do not try to have a macaw. For the special person that can properly maintain this bird and enjoy such a large addition to their family its a great choice.But be prepared.

A good article we posted to our facebook on macaws would be a must read. The post is a questions and answer section. link is


We always recommend stainless steel cages for all our babies, Blue gold macaws need a minimum of 48 wide, this would be minimum, and bar sizes should be 5 mm in diameter, There are many cages offered on the internet for macaws, most are basically not suitable,  Do not put your bird in a prison cell, purchase the largest cage possible that is for macaws. Just because a cage is large does not make it suitable for large macaws. Beware cheap chinese powder coated cages, any suitable cage for large macaws would cost upwards $900 and more for powder coated and at least 2500-3500  for stainless steel for the minimum size.

powder coated cages that sell for a few hundred dollars are a joke.

For diet info visit our PARROT DIETS section

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