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Incubator  Hatched & Handfed From Day One

This creates the ultimate in avian companions....

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Royal Bird Company Incubator Information

Our incubation programs continue to play a very important role in our success. Many of our techniques have been adopted and used by several large US breeders as well the world renown Zaire Animal Research Foundation, Africa.  see left side panel

Many people ask "Why do you incubate the eggs and not leave them with the parent birds?" Well its simple, many times the parent birds will not set to full term and may leave the eggs at any given time. These birds may stop incubating due to many reasons like, thunderstorms, noises or may just be ready to start laying again. When the valuable eggs are in our possession we have more control from start to hatch. Since we control the eggs environment as well the newly hatched chick we can eliminate most common problems that plague other breeders birds such as bacterial problems.
These problems can start in the nest boxes, as the dark and often damp nest box is a fertile ground for bacterial problems.

We have learned that we can eliminate this by taking control and giving a much better and healthier start to the eggs.

The proof is in the pudding as we hatch and rear some of the healthiest baby parrots your money can buy, we guarantee it.

We believe one should do all they can do to prevent any problems as prevention is much better than a cure. Our breeder birds are much happier and healthier as well. The parents do not have to sit on eggs in a hot nest box for 25-28 days and then feed & brood chicks for months.

Our breeder birds only work for a couple weeks and then they are done for the year, Its the good life for all our birds

They are healthier and happy.

We do all their work for them. The babies also benefit as they are human imprinted and the babies think they are people.

This creates the best human socialized companion baby bird possible.

Our incubation systems are the Alpha Genesis. 
These are without a question the most highly sophisticated machines in the world. We own several and have invested over $10,000 into these machines with the last machine has become the absolute dream machine and cost was $4200, this machine  and our laptops has total computerized control over the temps, humidity, egg turning, oxygen mapping, c02 mapping, cooling cycles to simulate the parent birds leaving the nest for eating, and double battery backup when power is out and so much more. These machines are controlled via upfront key pad, set it and forget it.  
Many of the incubation systems we have seen on the market today are mainly designed for the poultry industry and compared to AG are like a kids toy in our opinion. 
Most really do not even come close to whats actually needed for the PROPER incubation of parrots and other exotics eggs.That is, if you have the desire to do it right..


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thanks, Mike Richard, RBC Director. Royal Bird Company

We own and operate one of the largest,selective and most successful breeding farms on the east coast USA. today.                  

We are professional responsible breeders and we continue to educate people how to properly maintain their birds


 For diet info visit our PARROT DIETS section

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